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for MSX 1/2/2+/Turbo R
紹介用文書 introduction with broken English
YUKI 1984
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不思議なアクションゲーム strange action game


A amateur programmer makes a great game which a game company could not make. This game is one of them. The rule and the system of program had an important effect upon many people. Author of this game is YUKI who makes a lot of strange original games like this.
The program list of this was published on a magazine 'Program Pochette' from TOKUMA SHOTEN. After then, this game remaked as ARCADE GAME , FAMICON SOFT (by IREM CORP.) and software for personal computer (by TOKUMA SHOTEN INTERMEDIA)

遊び方how to play


You can let a blue hand move. A red hand cling your blue hand, so you should know that you make a way of red hand. When you push a SPACE KEY, you can change contents between rooms which a blue hand and a red hand point at. Your mission is that drop many balls in higher-area. Walls sometimes break or repair, so you would let balls drop in higher-area continuity if you manage it successfully. But once you drop a ball in OVER erea, the game will over.

見どころ For creators


For creator:
In this game, the program check all the screen. If the program find a ball, and the ball is in the air, drop the ball, if the ball on the floor, move the ball right or left.
At that time, creator programmed a system to control each charactor with a 'attribute-table', but this game has no table . This way of like this programming is called 'object orientation' which now we use like c++, java, python. So if you want add the ball in the screen, you only view the ball in the screen. Then the ball move automatically.
Ofcourse , this game is also based on 'life-game'.