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紹介用文書 introduction with broken English
Hiroshi 1986
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倉庫番系の新しいパズルゲームnew idea puzzle game

初出誌は、1986年徳間書店発行の雑誌「プログラムポシェット」VOL.9 号に掲載されました。作者はHiroshi氏という方で、この後「ぺっちゃんこ」というポシェットの編集の人の作品を移植して以後発表をしていません。

In old days, these were a type of a puzzle game that player should make a target item exit into a exit-gate which in a narrow room surrounded blocks . It origins from 'Souko-ban ( warehouse keeper )' , and a amateurs used to programmed his own original game but similar to it. It was very important for them how they can make a new idea in this type .
This game has a new rule that player should make 2 of iron-balls exit from traget-gate, but these balls has a chain to tie them with, so there is a limit length to put one away from another. This idea works good to make this puzzle interesting.
This game was published at magazine named 'Program pochtte vol.9' in 1986 . Author is Mr.hiroshi. He also translated a game of another-author's game of another machine to MSX, and the after he have never made any game.

遊び方how to play


You can control a cat named "pampuu'. Your mission is to exit 2 of iron-ball from exit-gate then the stage is complete , and you can progress next stage. As you know about like this type of game, you can push a items but can not pull them. Especially iron ball has a limitation by the chain tie them with, so you should take care when you push a iron ball close to the wall. a cat is enable to go throgh above a chain, but another can not.

2面の紹介example play of stage 2

begining of stage 2. a white located above is a cat (you).

After the movement of the iron-ball. Now you can see the chain between iron-balls with extending of length.

The length of a chain between iron-balls is 3 only, so you should move a irons wisely.

For now, to exit these iron balls, a green-ball prevent your way. How should you do...?

見どころhow to play


For creators:
This game was based on 'Souko-ban'( warehouse keeper). The ordinary problem of these game is, how player solve the problem that a cargo near a wall. Because player can not pull the carge. This game has more limitation than this. Because Player often meet a situation that he want to move the cargo but the chain is full, so he should move another cargo to shorten the chain.