introduced 1998 7.3 by TPM.CO / update 2003 12.16 / go toMSX トップページ

for MSX 1/2/2+/Turbo R
紹介用文書 introduction with broken English
EMGVT-HALT9938 1990
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ゴーストせん滅アクション Destroy a nest of gohst!


This game was created by EMGVT-HALT9938. It likes a old good game such as NAMCOT products. This game was published in 1990 on DISK STATION by COMPILE. Your mission of this game is to destroy all the nest existing in the screen. Many ghost will born one after another,so you should exterminate them.
You can not across the hole you make with bomb. Also a rock in the screen will be obstacle for you to across. But ghost can across the hole and the rock.

操作方法 How to play


Please let player move by CURSOR-KEY for 8 directions. You can let bomb throw toward the player direction by keep SPACE-KEY pushing , bomb will explode when you release SPACE KEY.

コツ Knack


You should make a elimination order plan and destroy some nest before a ghost born. You would be placed at a disadvantage if your attack is late. Ghost will explode catching with neibour ghost or nest, so you can eliminate many ghost by one bomb. This is effective also nest, so if you can not attack it because there is a rock or another reason, you should attack a ghost who born the nest. The ghost will explode with the nest.

見どころ For creators


This game has a system which player can break the shoot bomb wherever player want. But the bomb break not only a gohst(s) but also the ground you can pass throgh. With these factors, this game has a high strategy which recent game never have.